Marcello Brivio founded the company 1977: it began by specialising in the production of Premium Cooked Hams. Nowadays, the family tradition continues and the cutting-edge production technologies used on traditional recipes allow us to guarantee high quality standards and a product sensory profile of excellence. Cooked Hams with a balanced flavour that is never too sweet or too salty and precious nutritional values that will have you hooked after your first bite.

  • Uniform pink color.
  • Sweet and spicy taste.
  • Intense aroma.
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Cooked Ham specialists.

High Quality Cooked Ham specialists, cutting-edge technologies used on traditional crafts recipes.

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We are one big family.

All our products are made exclusively from carefully selected premium meats, while always adhering to tradition.

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Good and healthy as always.

In addition to the taste of a time, Cooked Ham is once again a guarantee of quality and hygiene at every stage of production.